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As per our knowledge, Indian Government has not yet started any government aided men cell in aurangabad or man cell in aurangabad like for women there you can find a mahila thana in aurangabad or mahila cell in aurangabad or caw cell in aurangabad or crime against women cell in aurangabad. Even NRI Men Rights India helps Non Resident Indians at men rights for nri.
Further, Mini-Trial is the right of an accused as per Supreme Court of India's recent judgment as per which when the matter is not triable as per the unrebuttable evidences of the accused then asking an NRI husband or an accused to stand in a trial is the violation of the human rights of nri and these human rights violation of a non resident indian husband needs to be invoked in the right manner so that this SC Judgment helps men victims of false cases win in his fight against false cases or false accusations.
Like there is no men cell in aurangabad, similarly, there is still not there any men cell in dhanbad

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  1. I am Sahil from Aurangabad.
    I want to know the real address of man cell in aurangabad UP and also men cell in bihar

    if there is any man cell in india i.e., a centralized man cell in india then feel free to write here:-


  2. I am a half Indian, half British.
    Since, my mother is an Indian so she thought of marrying me to an Indian Girl and India is high in culture but this is where we did mistake.

    My marriage to INDIAN GIRL was a blunder as she married me just for foreign citizenship only.

    Within just three days of marriage she fled back to India and immediately filed a complaint against me and my parents at the Crime Against Women Cell in Delhi.

    I received Notice of appearance on my email and I did major mistake of coming to India to attend caw cell hearing without knowing that there are biased laws in India against men.

    I contacted and this team was really very brilliant. They guided me to file a LTR immediately and I filed it.

    The IO at the CAW Cell in Delhi pressurized me to accept dowry list saying that this is a regualr reuquirement but since I was guided by to not accept any dowry hence I said no and in the mean time the LTR filed by me with the noble assistance of atur chatur sir from worked in the right direction

    The wife's false CAW Cell Complaint was thrown out of the Delhi's CAW Cell on the bais of jurisdiction as the wife is from aurangabad but the case was filed from Delhi due to her links in Delhi CAW Cell.

    I wish the team a very good luck for its excellent job of helping NRI and Foreign Citizenship Holder Boys/ Husbands like me come out of the trauma or social stigma as we filed the LTR based on

    Thanks again

  3. Men Cell in Delhi is the one stop solution if you are looking for Men's helpline in Delhi or Man Cell in Delhi or a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    When someone gets a false FIR u/s 498a ipc registered by his wife, then, first thing that comes to the mind is helpline for harassed husbands in India or men's rights activists delhi i.e., where a harassed husband may file complaint against the wife in delhi.

    The complaint letter against wife in Delhi may be suggested by men cell in delhi in the form of man cell in south delhi, man cell in rohini or man cell delhi contact number.

    Similarly, if a Non Resident Indian boy married in India or marries a girl from Delhi and she files subsequently a false complaint with women cell in Delhi i.e., at Crime Against Women Cell in Delhi which is also known as CAW Cell Delhi then the NRI husband may start looking for NRI MEN CELL IN DELHI or a NRI HELPLINE IN USA/ UK or simply a helpline for harassed husbands in Delhi.

    Since the male harassment cases in India especially in Delhi are on a rise and therefore Delhi may not be just called only as a rape capital but also a false 498a harassment capital and therefore harassed husbands helpline in Delhi may lead you to man cell in delhi or you may check for male harassment in India statistics by way of save indian family of delhi helpline numbers in delhi or simply men's right whatasapp group in Delhi

    At Man Cell Delhi we provide the men with atur chatur counselling in which guidance is provided regarding how to file false cases. Also RTI , dp3, extortion, perjury, malicious prosecution, crpc 91, 21-b etc type fighting tactics are guided to you so that you can fight the false cases on you & your family at your own.

    mobile :- +91-9873540498
    free ebook:-